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Audio control not visible on mobile devices

I have implemented the jwplayer on my website only for mp3 audio files. I have set it on 40 x 350 pixels so that the video screen does not appear. On desktop versions (e.g. Mac and Windows) it looks and works fine and I can see the little speaker symbol and change the sound of the audio file using it. But on mobile versions (both Mac iphone - latest Safari - and Android - latest firefox) the sound works but I cannot see the little speaker symbol any more! Neither in Safari Mac nor in firefox Android. The sound plays in both mobile browsers but I do not see and so cannot control the audio sound for the audio file playing. What can I do? Or is it just a mobile version phenomena for any system / browser on mobiles?
In addition, when the audio files load, a black background appears for two seconds before the skin design of the player appears. Can I get rid of the black flickering as well somehow?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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When videos play on mobile, the volume is left to the device. If the speaker icon did display, it would be very small and the slider would be hard to use. Are you not able to control the volume using the volume controls on your device? To address your second concern, do you have a link where I may see the black background appear?


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Dear Heidi,
Thank you very much for your reply! The hardware audio control works and does change the volume of the audio files, yes. I just wonder why the graphic of the icon does not show up as in desktop browsers.
Here is a link of a desktop version with sound working fine and visible audio control but with the initial black background flickering when loading:


JW Player Support Agent  
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I noticed that in your player setup, you have the height set to 40px:

“flashplayer”: “//”, “height”: 40, “key”: “3F36Oqor9YkgGg42UJRWwOvVE9D4LELgZNUSQw5xUrkJDesmWofd5ZuPrZY=”, “mute”: false,

but in your page, you have the player height set to 30px:

<iframe src="//" scrolling="auto" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="30" width="350"></iframe></font><src=""" players="" qmvf1w0t-ectuw2e3.html"="" width=“350” height=“30”

Would you be able to go into your players tab in your dashboard, and set the player height to 30px, and let m know if that helps?

Yours, Heidi

Heidi Williams-Foy
Support Engineer, JW Player

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