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Source link to the original uploaded video?


No idea if my question is placed in the correct topic (JW Platform). I cannot even see this topic amongst the other topics in the left side bar.

When uploading videos to my dashboard the video is also transcoded into a smaller size.
I can also see the original uploaded movie and its total file size but there is no source link to use like there is with the transcoded video.

I am using the free version stand alone player Jwp 7.3.6 and direct linking to the uploaded videos.
The quality in the transcoded videos are much more worse and pixelated than my original. And still it only differs 1-2 Mb at tops.

My MP4 videos are encoded in h.264 and ACC audio.
My goal is to make the file size as low as possible with a decent quality so I am making them 240px in height and width accordingly its wide format, like 544px for instance.
The transcoded videos have a max-width of 320px

So is it possible to direct link to the original video?


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JW Player Support Agent  
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It is possible to directly link to an original video. However you would need to make that available via API calls to the platform.

1. Get the template_key for your passthrough conversion —>

2. Create passthrough conversions of the videos you are interested in —>

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