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JWPlayer freezing

I have an issue with JWPlayer freezing intermittently and I am trying to understand why. The only answer I have seen is that it's an issue with bitrate but that doesn't explain the issue. I am wrapping H264 as RTP and sending to a Wowza server.

After the stream freezes, I can hit the pause button and then play and it will continue for a period of time before it freezes again.

I am trying to debug my RTP sending process so I am trying to understand what real conditions can cause the player to freeze this way? For example, can a dropout cause it? A mismatched timestamp or sequence number? A skip in either of those? I would have to think the JWPlayer would be more robust to handle data dropouts/inconsistencies with UDP/networks, etc. Why wouldn't the player just pick back up with the next keyframe and valid data?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Often times if a stream is freezing it can be as you mentioned bandwidth or an improper stream manifest as the transition between segments can be choppy. Often times we suggest using some form or validation such as Apples Stream validator as it will check for continuity issues and point out potential problems. You can access the download section on the right: . Also try using either our stream tester or Wowzas to ensure the stream works in different platforms

JW Player Stream tester:
Wowza Stream Tester:

Finally try playing the stream in a browser such as Edge or Safari simply to check its performance in a native environment.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the help. Do you know of such a stream validator for Windows?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Matt,

I do not since Apple seems to be pioneering HLS. If I come across one I’ll drop it in the forums for you.


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