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Responsive '100%' width video - grey background below video

I don't know if I'm posting on the right page here, but does anyone know how to change the background colour on the player? On the set-up (on Jwplayer website) I can change the background to the control bar, but not the physical background behind the video.

The problem is, I have the player set with code to be responsive - which works great, but as soon as the video shrinks in scale on the width an annoying grey area expands below the video.

I've tried endless code CSS snippets that have been posted on the forum here and elsewhere, I've checked the Jwplayer dev page that gives all the class elements, I've triple checked the class codes through safari and chrome - nothing works, period.

The thing that did work, was opening up Firefox and clicking the div. on through Fire bug then adding the style 'background: transparent' - that sorted it out and I got exactly what I needed. Unfortunately, it didnt give a class name, it just said 'element. style'. I copy and pasted the generated style css and used it with a multitude of classes, but nothing worked. I exported the html page that firebug generated and tried using the code that it produced, with 'important' overide - no dice.

I've tried the snipped CSS route, directly below the embedded iframe code (I'm inserting html into an adobe muse page) and I've also tried inserting CSS into the head meta code - nothing works.

Kinda driving me nuts!

Has anyone successfully managed to create a responsive player with a transparent background using an iframe?

I've read the instructions about 'wrapping' the iframe in a div, but I can't do this in Adobe Muse.

P.S - I havent got a clue how to manipulate JS code and I'm not comfortable altering code in the root folders, so if this cannot be done using simple CSS can someone please let me know so that I'm not wasting any more time please?!

Oh, and if anyone has any simple CSS to alter the 'share' icon colour and background container to a different colour or make transparent (independently of anything else) I would be extremely grateful! - again, I've tried everything to alter this with god knows how many class types web inspectors throw out but nothing works.


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At this time we do not support the changing of background color in the player. I was a bit curious of this myself and confirmed with our design team that this is not possible at this time.


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