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Live Streaming issue (Video doesn't play until it is fully buffered)


My videos (mp4) are hosted on Amazon server and these are 30 mins and above in length. When I click Play button, jwplayer starts buffering and doesn't play video until its fully biffered. Need help.

My code is given below.

<script src="{{ path('@web/js/jwplayer/jwplayer.js') }}"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
var playerInstance = jwplayer("mediaplayer");

'width': '450',
'height': '292',
'file': "{{lesson.video_file_link}}",
'autostart' : 'false',
}).on('play', function(e) {
//some code
}).on('pause', function(e) {
//some code
}).on('complete', function(e) {
//some code

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Media Format Reference

Your file may have the wrong mimetype or needs to be encoded for web (the moov atom isn’t at the beginning of the file)


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But when I play same file in HTML 5 Video player, it runs fine


JW Player Support Agent  
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The browser may be forcing it to play. I would recommend re-encoding the video and check “web optimized” or “fast start” depending on which application you are using to encode it.

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