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URL (Token) Signing

I am trying to have a script that create signed URL that point to the external URL of the video I want to play in my JW player embedded in a php page...
I want my timeout to be set to 60 or 120 seconds (I'll choose later) ....
I've ran into that article with a script :

But I simply do not understand how it works .... where should I set the values of $timeout , $path , $secret and $domain ?
An example would be very welcome ....

Thanks in advance.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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You need to create your tokens on the server-side, which is usually done in PHP or Python, and then pass the tokenized URLs to the player.

$timeout is how long you want the tokens to last before they expire. For the highest protection, make them as short as possible. We normally recommend making the tokens a little longer than the video so if the viewer pauses for a short time, the video will be able to resume without an error.

$domain and $path are the URL to the file that you are creating the token for. Please note that each /library or /playlist or /feed will need its own token

$secret is the API secret displayed in your account dashboard and is unique to your account

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