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Error After Upgrading from JW 6 to JW 7.3.6 version


The player working perfectly with JW Player 6 version. We changed the new Licence key for JW 7 and replaced new JS files for JW player 7.3.6 version. Also moved new skin files too.

Now we are getting this error message and not loading the player.

Please can you advise, why it is giving this error message?
TypeError: Cannot read property 'seek' of undefined.

Please can you tell us what are the exact steps to follow to upgrade JW 6 to JW 7.3.6 version?

Thank You!

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I've just completed the update for my web site from 6.8 - 6.12 to JWP7.3.6.

if you visit the web site, you have the ability to view the code used for each example given
The web site showcases to features of the JWPlayer.

The secret in doing update/upgrade is knowing, understanding and implementing the syntax with the version. has helpful information .(see the link to the right on this page.

With respect as to your error, I wonder IF this could be a path related issue such that it cannot be found


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Thank you very much for your reply.

If you think if this is a path error, how can I find it? I appreciate if you can give me an idea.

I replaced the newer version files to the same locations and just replaced the new License key.

Do you think still I need to change or check about the paths?
is it about the paths for skin file?



JW Player Support Agent  
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Can you post a link to a page where you are seeing this error?


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Thank you for coming to help me Todd.

Is there a way to send you the link in a private message? (Only the link)
I can post all other details in this thread.

Thank You!


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, there.

Todd left for the day, but you can email the link to and reference case # 77879 in the subject line.

Thank you.

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