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Facebook styling

We're using a custom skin in our website, with an XML file, which has the following elements for the controlbar:

<component name="controlbar">
<setting name="margin" value="0" />
<setting name="fontcolor" value="e9e9e9" />
<setting name="fontsize" value="14" />
<setting name="fontweight" value="normal" />
<setting name='maxwidth' value='3000' />
<element name="playButton" src="playButton.png" />
<element name="pauseButton" src="pauseButton.png" />
<element name="fullscreenButton" src="fullscreenButton.png" />
<element name="normalscreenButton" src="normalscreenButton.png" />
<element name="background" src="background.png" />
<element name="capLeft" src="left.png" />
<element name="capRight" src="right.png" />

The skin looks great on our website, but using the same skin on Facebook has several issues - the 00:00 times and margins as seen in the picture:

Why does the styling differ on FB compared to our website? Is there a way we could style this to remove the 00:00 marks and margin?

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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When you use JW 5 on Facebook custom skinning, advertising, HLS streaming, API, analytics, and HTML5 Playback are not supported.


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I've seen posts on this board talking about customisation of skins for Facebook. It also seems to be working, since the skin changes, but only up to a certain level?


JW Player Support Agent  
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As JW 5 is no longer supported, you may want to use to check out deprecated support articles that may help you configure the older version of our player.

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