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Invalid license key

Cloud-based JW7. Webpage work for me and my collegues, all sort of OS and browsers. But for one of us it does not work, saying "Error setting up player: Invalid license key". He is under Windows 10 (as well as couple other people who have no issue). We tried Chrome and IE. Tried to clear cache and cookies, tried anonymous mode in browser. Rebooted PC.

No firewalls, no adblocks, no extensions at all.

The weirdest part is that it was working for him in the morning. He left the building for several hours, came back - and got this issue on the same page, no changes anywhere.

Quick search shown dozens of similiar complainst but no solution.

We can provide you with a teamviewer to his PC. Can you please assist. We just updated production servers with JW7 and immediately got this issue, this is very annoying and nervous.

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Update: More search shown it is related to date/time. So fixing his date fixed the player.

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