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JW7 does not appear to play in HTML5

Using JW Player 7.3.4, self-hosted, I'm not able to get videos to play in HTML5. I have an HLS stream and RTMP that play in flash, but when I only include an mp4 file in the video player sources, it still plays in flash. I know it is supposed to default to html5, and I have even tried including the "primary: 'html5'" option in the video player setup.

Similar to this post (, I can't see the HTML5 version of the player in, even when using Safari.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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RTMP is Flash only, so it will always require the Flash-based player to work. Additionally, unless the browser natively supports HLS (Safari on desktop, Chrome/Safari on mobile) it will also require Flash.

Today we released a beta of JW 7.4 which does allow HLS stream to be played via HTML5. You can get it by using a cloud-hosted Player and selecting the beta channel.

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Donni, thank you for the response. It's nice to hear that HLS will be supported with HTML5. Although when I use Safari on desktop it still uses Flash.

Also, I'm still not understanding why I can't get the mp4 file to play with HTML5, but only with Flash. If the only source is an mp4 file, it should be using HTML5, correct?

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