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Wowza(Amazon Cloud Front)+JWPalyer

Am Rajesh

Am new in Live Streaming Concept, as i red i create a account in wowza (AWS)
Hello Sir!
i want a embed code for live stream using jwplayer
please provide me the followings
1.Jw player ( where can i download the files)
2.Emb code ( I may change only stream name and rtmp link)
3.It should play all the Desktop players and All Mobile browsers

please dont forward ant articles, please give me solutions
again am saying am not an Technical person, so please tech me ,

3 Community Answers

Donni Katzovicz

JW Player Support Agent  
1 rated :

Hi Raesh,

You can download the Player on the License Keys & Downloads page on your JW Dashboard. The basic embed code can be found here. RMTP streams will not work on mobile devices, so you may need to also have an MP4 fallback. I understand that you are not technical, so I think that you would be best served by finding someone who can screen share with you and offer you some guidance in real time in order to help you get up and running with JW Player. Our software is designed for those who already have a moderate amount of experience in web development, and as someone new to web development you will require more help to get up and running than is within our support team’s scope of support.


0 rated :

Donni, I think it would be wise to at least share with us newbies of people or resources that can assist. I'm in the same boat now and haven't a clue where ti turn to. I feel like I received all the correct answers to my questions before paying for this. 2 things they left out in our numerous e-mails have been 1- Our software is designed for those who already have a moderate amount of experience in web development and 2- the lengthy time to get answers to questions. Again, I know I'm new to this but a lost of resources would be nice.

Donni Katzovicz

JW Player Support Agent  
0 rated :

Thanks for your feedback Anthony. As long as your question is within our scope of support we are happy to help. We try to answer all tickets within 24 hours. If you have a premium subscription, you can contact us directly via your JW Dashboard for help.

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