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Blurred Video on Free Account

First off I cannot believe that I need to pay $300 to be "allowed" to ask a technical question.

Regardless, perhaps someone here can help me. I'm on the FREE plan to try out JW. I uploaded a very clear mp4 about 3 mins long. The mp4 plays perfectly from my hard drive but when uploading to JW then using the provided embed code, placed onto an html page, the video degrades to about 50% in quality. It's blurry and even skips at times.

You can see the video here:

Someone please let me know what needs to be done to have a clear video. Before I pay $300, I want to be sure my video will be streamed clearly to prospective clients.

Will paying the $300 somehow make the video clearer by using HLS streaming? Again I would like to see an example at least of a clear version of my video before I pay anything.

Thank you.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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You do not need to pay $300 per year to ask a technical question. The Premium subscription you are referring to enables you to communicate with us directly via e-mail, whereas Free users can only use our community forums. Your forum post also creates a new case in our support queue. We do not promise as fast of a response to the forum posts, but we do try to reply to everyone within one workday. Our hope is that other users in the community contribute with answers as well.

Here’s what I found out is going on with your video embed:

1) We are including the HLS stream (with three quality versions: 1280px wide, 640px wide, and 320px wide) and the 360px high fallback MP4
2) Because you have a Free account, your player is ignoring the HLS version (you need the Premium version of our player for HLS playback) and loading the 360px high MP4

We are going to look at the possibility of including a larger video. You can also potentially use our JW Platform API’s /players/update endpoint to set the template_key for this player to be the higher quality 1280px wide video.


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I have no problem paying for a quality service, but before I pay anything, I need to see the "quality", the actual video, how it will look if I did pay the $300.

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