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Locally hosted MP4 files will not play on Windows Phone.

Good evening,

We have a problem that we're quite certain is not a JWPlayer problem but we're posting here because we can't imagine we're the first JWPlayer users to have encountered this problem.

We have a player that is loading a locally hosted MP4 file.

The player runs smoothly on all browsers and devices with one exception: Windows Phone.

On Windows Phone, we receive the JWPlayer error "Error loading media: File could not be played". Though as I said before this is not a JWPlayer issue, and we receive the "Invalid Source" error in a pure HTML5 video element.

This occurs on both our local environment, and on our test server, both running Apache with the correct MIMEs set up on each (both in apache conf and .htaccess of the site).

When we load up your sample video on the 'basic video embed' tutorial page, the video plays fine. Therefore we took the source video and plugged it directly into our player and we still encounter the issue, so we know it's not a problem with the file.

So to recap, the MIMEs are set up properly (and we have proven this by curling the file and receiving the video/mp4 type in the response headers) and it isn't a problem with the file. It is also not a problem with our JWPlayer setup because we have tried using a very basic setup and the same issue still occurs.

If there's anybody out there who has encountered this problem before or knows another route we could take to a possible solution we would be very grateful.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, there.

If the MP4 on our Basic Video Embed support article is playing for you, but yours is not, it may be an issue with encoding. You may want to try re-encoding the MP4 with Handbrake with all of the default settings plus the checkbox for “Web Optimized” checked.

If that does not work, however, I am not sure what the issue would be, as we do not support our player in Windows Phone.

Thank you.


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Hi again,

We are now seeing this same issue occur on Android.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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