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How is streaming calculated

I'm looking on some videos on my account. From looking at "tracks" data it seems that the average for HD video is around 4MB per minute.
However, when looking on usage info the data is different: on February, we had 64.5 minutes of watch, and the total of 16.57GB delivered - which calculates to around 257MB per minute!
Even if we count all the streaming as full HD, the difference is huge! We are trying to predict the future usage and it's very hard to do it using this data.
Appreciate any help

2 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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We look at CDN access logs and add up the bytes sent to your viewers. If your streaming usage does not match up with your plays, etc, it might be possible that someone is linking directly to your content without your knowledge. They best way to safeguard against this is to enable URL signing on your videos. Please see for more details.


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Thanks for the comment. All of my video are stored on your platform. Is it possible for someone to find the links of the content?

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