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Widescreen in JWPlayer + RTMP links


I have RTMP link for live stream, and i embed it into JWPlayer Dashboard, once i viewed it I noticed its 3:4 Aspect Ratio ? While its a 16:9 Aspect Ratio !! What is the problem ? If there any function in JWPlayer Dashboard that allow me to choose which ratio i want it to be in the stream ?

Another question,

I contacted someone in JWPlayer Support about RTMP for iOS and Android, he is much appreciated and replied me honestly and told me that it can't be happened because iOS platform doesn't support Flash, but provided me a link for a WATERFALL code example : .. and told me ( you may consider creating either waterfall option for your viewers by using the following code sample or potentially using HLS since RTMP will potentially be sunset. )

I just wanna know how thats happened because i opened it on my iPhone and worked for me, is it RTMP link ? or HLS ? Because when i tried it on my Macbook pro its worked as flash !! So, how that happened ? FYI, I'm using GoDaddy website builder to embed my codes there. Thats why i choose JWPlayer to host my links and grab the codes into godaddy.

Hope you got my problem and can solve it.

Thanks a lot in advance for your helps ..

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JW Player Support Agent  
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I received your inbox about this issue and responded to you there. I will close this post out for you if that is okay.


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