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#2035 Error in Firefox with YouTube videos.

In Firefox only with YouTube hosted videos, JWPlayer shows Flash error #2035 on my client's website.

The videos play fine through JWplayer in other browsers and they play directly on YouTube. How do I fix this in Firefox? I have tested in Windows 10 and 7, using Firefox 44.0.2, and using the latest Flash Player v20.0.0.306.

Choose videos from the list on the right for multiple examples. A few videos, mostly at the bottom of the list, are NOT hosted at YouTube and they play without error.

Please advise. Thank you!

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The error is NOT a Firefox error BUT a flash error. The error is created by flash "url not found".
see this link

In addition, you are using a JWPlayer version 5.6.1768 which is to say the least ancient. Further you are using SWObject which again is ancient.

I would suggest that you update your code to either HTML5 or HTML5.1 and not use flash and update to the current JWPlayer version. The mere fact that you have at the top of the page a doctype that tells browser to threat the document when rendering as HTML5 which it is NOT.


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You can avoid this error by using JW7 set to primary: ‘HTML5’


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Thanks for the responses. I see from other threads that YouTube made a change recently to no longer serve Flash format and serves HTML5 format instead, so the problem is that the old version 5.6 JWPlayer does not support an HTML5 mode. Makes sense and we will update to a newer player. But why then is the version 5.6 JWPlayer able to play the HTML5 video in Chrome, IE, and Edge, but not Firefox?


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Pgoyins, I was wondering about this too. No one answered your question regarding why your videos can play in other browsers, but not in Firefox. I am having the same problem on my website. I use the JW player plugin for Wordpress and am forced to use JW Player 5 because of the latest Wordpress updates broke the JW player and playlist from working on my site. I had to revert back to the Wordpress version that worked before the update and can only use JW player 5 on it. Needless to say, my website videos don't play on Firefox, but play on Internet Explorer. So, this seems to be a problem with Firefox and not Youtube. I know that I can set the default to HTML 5 for the videos to work in Firefox, but doing so causes other problems that I want to avoid. One problem is that it creates two play bar. One for Youtube and the other for JW player. After pressing play, the JW player progress bar is dead, but remains on the page. Another problem is that it completely changes the look of the playlist and makes it ugly. This skin is totally different.

Can anyone tell us how to make the videos play in Firefox without the error 2035 popup and without having to set the default to HTML 5? The videos play fine on other browsers. I don't understand why Firefox is the only exception.
My website's video and playlist page:

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