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Wordpress plugin for JWPlayer ans Analytics

I have upgraded to JWPlayer 6. The previous free version allowed Google Analytics stats, but stopped working. From the documentation: there is a line "Note a license key is not required for the Free edition, but inserting one will enable the video analytics in your JW Player account." But when you click on the link you are taken here:

It is confusing on how to setup the analytics from the Playlists created in WordPress. Any guidance /examples would be appreciated.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Which version of the plugin are you using? This is the latest version.

Additionally, what version of the player do you want to use on your website?

Have you logged into your JW Dashboard and added the Google Analytics code to the Player?


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Thanks for the reply I have installed JW Player 6 Plugin for WordPress Version 2.1.1 which I got from the plugin search. The one that you link to is a beta version which for some reason I didn't see it.

I am happy with any version as long as it can show the videos (stored on Amazon S3) , able to give stats on viewing and if possible use the JW Playlist functionality.

For some reason the one I downloaded as no Google Analytics optin on the JW Dashboard.

Let me try the Beta version.


JW Player Support Agent  
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The new Wordpress plugin uses your cloud-hosted players found at

You go to (your JW Dashboard), and navigate to the specific player you want to add GA functionality to and toggle the Analytics slide

Finally, you make sure your GA ID and script tag are in the header of your page


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Thanks for the reply.
I have downloaded the beta version from the link you referenced "This is the latest version". When I uploaded it to the Plugin folder and activated it, in WordPress it wanted:
In order to use the JW Player plugin, you need to authorize the plugin to access the data in your JW Player account. (Don't have a JW Player account yet? Sign up here).

Insert your JW Player API Credentials below. These are located in the Account > API Keys section of your dashboard.
API Secret

In the JWPlayer account I cant see where to get the API Secret???
So now the you tell me to go to which shows JWPlayer6 & JWPlayer7

I am now totally confused as to how I go about this in WP. It would help to get more detailed steps (ie step by step) and with screen prints would help tremendously. I so have some programming background, but can follow directions.

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