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JWPlayer 6 CDN Certificate Issue


some of our users recently complained about JWPlayer 6 displaying the error "Error loading skin: Error loading file" (all are using the Chrome Browser).

The Browser console shows several failed requests to (and other URIs with the same domain). The server itself responds, but the certificate is not valid for this domain. The certificate is valid for the following domains:

* ist not in the list, so the Browser bails out with an error "ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE".

Why are the resources requested from the wrong domain and how can this be fixed?

Best regards


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addendum: here's a screenshot from the browser console


JW Player Support Agent  
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What version of JW6 are you using?

The correct SSL address is

What happens if you use protocol-relative URLs in your code, meaning just // instead of http:// or https:// ?


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Hi there,

problem solved. All regarding users had one thing in common: they used the "HTTPS Everywhere" extension which intercepted and forged the HTTP requests.

It's not a problem on JWPlayer's side.



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