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How to remove player from my computer?

I inadvertently downloaded a file, which apparently had a virus form of the JW Player. I'm sure is was not from them, but nevertheless it is in my computer, taking over my internet pages, no matter where I go on the internet. I am using Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10. The player covers parts of pages I need to see, and plays ads. Is there any way to removed the player from my computer? Please help! I have run every virus and adware software I have, and to no avail. I cannot find any JW Player download in my computer, so I cannot uninstall it, nor is it in my registry that I can find. I do not want to reinstall my computer!!!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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JW Player is a tool for web developers. Our software is actually just a few Javascript files that are uploaded to web servers to enable web sites to play videos. There is nothing to install on your computer.

My guess is this virus has installed some sort of browser plugin or add-on or extension or toolbar (sorry, different browsers call them different things) in IE11 that is using our player to play ads. Try removing any unrecognized browser add-ons. You can also try the same web sites in a different web browser like Chrome to see if the ads go away.

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