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Extract timed metadata from live stream in Flash mode

I create live synchronized presentations on the web. So a slide deck sits next to a video player on the screen. When a presenter in the video player says "go to slide 2" the slides switch to slide 2.

This happens because I have another app, a Flash based PowerPoint for lack of a better way to put it. This Flash based PowerPoint app is capable of making an RTMP connection to an RTMP streaming server, like Wowza or AMS, and asking it to find a video stream being published currently and inject metadata into it, like "slide 2" for example. When this data is injected into the video stream, the stream transports the data to the video player at the viewing end where the data is extracted and acted upon by me, the player developer. I hear the text data message and tell the slide player in the page to advance.

I am doing this just fine with JW player in HTML5 (IOS) mode. All working well. But I'm not sure how to extract this data in JW player when it is in Flash mode. Is there anything exposed in the API that might, say, let me hang an event listener for "onTextData" type transmissions?


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Could you please clarify your question? It sounds like your are using an RTMP stream with the player in html5 mode which isn’t possible.

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