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Linking to specific Chapter Markers

Is there a way to link external (outside of player) buttons to specific timecodes in a video?

Suppose I have a 5 minute video, with one minute chapters, and a button list that has Chapter 1, Chapter 2, et al.

How do I link the buttons to their respective spots in the video?


1 Community Answers

James Herrieven

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You can use the ".seek(position)" API call to jump to any position in a current media file, where "position" is an integer representing seconds - so if you know where you want to jump for each chapter you can manually code your buttons to these positions using .seek().

If this is too restrictive for you, then an option providing much more functionality without having to code the detail is my "Tracky for JW Player" plugin. More details here:

Let me know if you need any help implementing a Tracky based solution.

James Herrieven
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