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Switch from HTML5 to Flash based on the ad response, when no HTML5 ad is available?

As I understand, JW Player now (v7+) allows you to toggle HTML5/Flash based on the items in a playlist ( So can JW Player switch or toggle between rendering the player in Flash and HTML5, based on the value of the ad response (as opposed to the type of media in the playlist)?

We're using HTML5 as the primary player (no Flash), but unfortunately, most ads are not available in HTML5 yet. Although we primarily use DFP, which has a Flash to HTML5 converter, we still have some groups that use other ad servers, and/or other ad servers for backfill. By turning off Flash entirely, this results in much lower ad fill rates, and hence, lower revenue.

Would it be possible for us to render the player in HTML5 (desktop only) and allow the player to render or switch to Flash if there is no available HTML5 ad?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Yes, you are configuring your player properly to toggle between flash/html5 for your ads and video content by setting primary to html5. Please keep in mind that if your video content is RTMP or HLS, our player will automatically switch to Flash is Chrome, as Chrome cannot play these videos natively in HTML5 mode.

kkirimli N/A

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Thanks for the reply - are you saying that the player will automatically switch to Flash for Flash-only ads, simply by setting the primary to HTML5? There is no extra code or logic required to do this?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Yes the player is set up for this capability across devices and browsers. Please see the basic overview pages here:

Yours, Heidi

Heidi Williams-Foy
Support Engineer, JW Player

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