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why is jw-reset getting injected?

i'm using jw7 and setting up a pretty basic skin. i'm starting with the skin called 'seven' and did a search and replace on .jw-skin-seven with my custom name.

my jwplayer initialization looks like:

var playerInstance = jwplayer("videoPlayer");
flashplayer: '/js/jwplayer-7.2.4/jwplayer.flash.swf',
sources :[
{ file:".mp4" },
{ file:".webm" },
{ file:".ogg" }
image: videoInfo.image,
tracks: [{
skin : {
name : "myskin"
width: "calc(100% - 160px)",
aspectratio: videoInfo.ratio

i have a json object called videoInfo where all of my (you guessed it) video info comes from.

the player initiates fine but as i add new rules to my classes they are being overwritten by .jw-reset.
i checked where jw-reset was coming from and it's a style tag that is injected on page load.
it's part of jwplayer.js (or provider.cast.js?) but since those are minified i can't really tell when/why it's being called.
it contains a base64 rendering of a font file as well as many css rules that overwrite all of my classes on the player.
it causes problems for example when i wanted to make the background preview image cover sized instead of contain sized so i wrote:

.jw-skin-myskin .jw-preview{

but it is overwritten unless i express !important at the end.
do i have to add !important onto all of my custom skin classes to overwrite this injected jw-reset class?
why can't i find any reference to the jw-reset class in the docs?
what is it doing?
do i need it?
if not how do i turn it off?

thanks for any info.

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
-1 rated :

Hi, there.

.jw-reset is required by the player to maintain consistency of its appearance on different browsers. You should still be able to customize much of the player, and I have not heard of .jw-reset getting in the way of that before.

Can you please give me a link to a page where you have the affected player installed so I may take a look?

Thank you.


1 rated :

it is only locally developed right now.
i could give you a code sample in a private channel.
how would that work?


JW Player Support Agent  
-1 rated :

Hi, Billy.

You can send an email with your code example to Make sure you reference Case # 72468 in the subject line of your email. Also, please make sure you are detailed about what the issue is on your page that you think .jw-reset is causing.

Thank you.

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