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VMAP - Retrieving current VAST being called

When the player is using VMAP as an input of multiple ads? Is there a way to capture the event and get the current vast tag out from the VMAP XML file. Example if VMAP contains 3 ads AD1 -> VASTTAG1, AD2-> VASTTAG2, AD3 -VASTTAG3, when these ads are being played by the player, can I retrieve the value of the VASTTAG in the javascript API? I want to be able to capture separate events for separate ADS. AD1 fires event 1, AD2 fires event 2, AD3 fires event3. Please guide

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Hello Somil,

This is George, I had replied to one of your emails, but never heard back, perhaps the email didn’t come through. This was before our linkedIn communication.

If you go to our API docs:

You will find this callback that will help you:

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