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nonlinear ads styling

Hello there,

While testing the nonlinear ads we notice a problem with the ad close icon and the ad re-open icon.
Both are injected images with no css classes which makes it difficult to style.

There is a problem with the close icon positioning when the player is resized (responsive behavior).
The icon stays in the middle of the ad when the player is enlarged.
The icon disappear in small-sized players (eg. 320px wide).

Also, we don't want a re-open icon to stay forever in the bottom of the video, especially when there are more than one nonlinear planned but it is hard to target without css classes.

Could both buttons be included with some css classes?


Best regards

Cédric Billiet

2 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Cedric,

Could these ads by chance be implemented via some form of SWF or Flash? Perhaps you may be able to tweak the implementation via the ad SDK/Dash?



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Hello Randy,

Thanks for the answer, sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately we default to the HTML5 version and try to ban all flash on our sites.

The buttons seem to come with the jwplayer vast plugin.
Adding css classes on those images would allow much easier targetting.
Currently we must use the following selector:
#js-player-embed_vast > img[style*="top: -16px"]

Which is costly preformance-wise as it evaluates each img tag in the page.



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