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Default quality


I have video in 2 qualities: 360p and 720p.

How I can make certain quality by default? For example, 360p. This file must be played by default every time for each user when it load the page.

Now if i make "default" flag for some quality it works only for first play. When user changes quality JW it saves and any other pages will be load with new settings.

How do I restrict JW7 keep these settings? Can you help me?

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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You can set “default”: “true” as documented at but you are correct that if a viewer manually changes the video quality using the player UI, that selection will override your default setting.


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Thanks for your reply, but my question still actual.

How i can set default quality, regardless of the user's choice?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Not possible. My understanding is that the user’s selections for quality, captions, and volume will always take precedence over settings in the setup() call.

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