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Show other playlist item on error

Hello, when player can't play source it will generate onError event. In that event I want to show next playlist item. Player only changes info but does not start playing this new item.

jwplayer("myvideo").on('error', function (message) {
.playlistItem(currIndex + 1) // Changes information, like Title and description, still can see exclamation mark

When doing `.load({file: url})` it's working, but removing all playlists.
Any ideas how to fix that? Using JW v7.2.4

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, there.

You should be able to accomplish this by using the .getPlaylistIndex() and .playlistItem() calls like this:

var playerInstance = jwplayer("myvideo");

playerInstance.on("error", function() {
  var currentIndex = playerInstance.getPlaylistIndex();
  var nextIndex = currentIndex + 1;

I’ve tested this on my local environment and it worked.


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Is it possible to have associated array as playlists? {"48":{...}, "56": {...}} or do I have to keep it as indexed array?


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I have simulated most simple example. Still not working.
Output from console:

12:59:27.699 Runing player with #0
12:59:28.269 HTTP "Content-Type" of "video/quicktime" is not supported. Load of media resource failed.
12:59:28.283 Error playing media: MediaError { code: 4 } "" jwplayer.js:1:16380
12:59:28.285 Runing player with #1

My code:

$(document).ready(function () {
console.log('--START OF TEST--');

playerInstance = jwplayer("myvideo").setup({
width: $("#video").width(),
height: 365,
playlist: playlistsJson,
autostart: false


playerInstance.on('error', function (message) {

function test(index) {
console.log('Runing player with #'+index);


As you can see on second video I do not receive any errors. But still on player I see correct title with exclamation mark and no video playing.

What am I doing wrong?


JW Player Support Agent  
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I did not see any videos attached. Can you please give me a link to a page where you have the affected player installed? That will help me troubleshoot your issue.

Thank you.

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