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Multi-Device Setup Wowza + JW Player 7, handle fallback and errors

Hey there,

I first used JW Player around 10 years ago and love how it develops. My goal for this Project: Reach as many different devices with our live stream (and later with our live stream recording) as possible with the following setup:

Live-Setup: Telestream Wirecast H.264/AAC -> Wowza Media Server -> JW Player (rtmp, hls, rtsp fallback)
OnDemand-Setup: Wowza Media Server -> JW Player (rtmp, hls, rtsp fallback)

Now, with JW v7 I have a misleading error message on flash disabled desktop environments that didn't occur in earlier versions: "Error loading player: no playable sources found". The message should rather be "Please install the latest Adobe Flash Version" with a link to adobe.

With JW Player v5 it worked perfectly like:

<p id="player">Please get the latest <a href="">Adobe Flash Player</a>. </p>
var agent=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
if(agent.indexOf('android')!=-1) {
document.all.player.innerHTML = '<a href="rtsp://***:1935/videos/***.mp4"><img src="player.jpg" alt="Start livestream"></a>';
} else {
flashplayer: '***',
provider: 'rtmp',
file: '***.flv',
streamer: 'rtmp://***/videos',
//start: 1399,
modes: [
{type: 'flash', src: ''},
{type: 'html5', config: {
'file': "http://***:1935/videos/***.mp4/playlist.m3u8",
provider: 'video'

How it works: Setup replaces p-tag with a flash-player (rtmp) or html5 player (hls) OR for android users with a direkt rtsp-link. If flash is disabled on desktop, the p tag will not be replaced and a helping error message ("you should get the latest flash version") is displayed.

Wirh JW Player v7:

<p id='player'><a href="rtsp://"><img src="player.jpg" alt="Start livestream"></a></p>
sources: [{
file: 'rtmp://***/videos/***.mp4',
file: "http://***:1935/videos/***.mp4/playlist.m3u8"
fallback: false

How it works: Setup replaces p-tag with flash-player (rtmp) or html5 player (hls). It should not fall back to the rtsp-link, but it can't hurt.

AND NOW THE PROBLEM: a html5 capable browser with flash disabled will get the error "Error loading player: no playable sources found" but I rather want him to enable flash or install the latest version. I have no chance, even if I set the primay renderer to "flash". It always falls back to html5 with the misleading error message. How do you guys handle this? Do you change the message? Or is there a streaming protocol for html5 (like rtmp for flash) meanwhile? HLS support is only in the flash version, isn't it?

Thank you very much and to say it again: GREAT WORK!!!


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Marc,

Could you send me the test page that is having the issue?

I would probably say, stick with HLS for streaming on all devices. Keep primary HTML5 and perhaps handle the exception yourself:
console.log("onSetupError returns: “+ x.message);
if(x.message==”Error loading player: No playable sources found"){
document.getElementsByClassName(“jw-title-primary”)0.innerHTML=“Please enable Flash Plugin or Download the lastest Flash”

You can check out our media reference here for a compatibility chart:

marcsnow N/A

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Thank you very much. The message replacement works pretty good. Now we can reach all kind of devices from android, iphone, ipads to desktops and even guide our clients that have flash disabled.


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