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How method of protection mp4 files


How method of protection mp4 files
How do I choose the sites that are allowed to Play and download MP4 files ?
And also stop direct download if the user has to copy and paste the link on your browser directly or to download programs

I have server "A" with Subdomain
I put on this server "A" .. mp4 files .

I want to be allowed to download and play through this "" or "" only

I tried by .htaccess but stopped playing on the player
It was not useful when the file is copied and pasted directly link inside the IDM
As well as some browsers

I tried over and over again with many ways with .htaccess

I read about ( Cross Domain )
But it does not support mp4 files

What is the solution for that
I want to make the MP4 files are play & download through My Sites only
I want a solution through a server "A" (Host mp4 files).

I do not want to encrypt links or something like that
Eventually they can access to the original link

Thank you .

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Try token signing:


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It will not be useful for me this solution
(Also I did not find this in my account)

I have more than 4,000 file and I'll wait for a lot of Views
The links will be like this

I want a solution through a server

Greetings .


JW Player Support Agent  
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Unfortunately that is something you will have to build on your own. I don’t have any suggestions other than Token Signing.

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