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Control CSS for JWPlayer Credit box on right-click

Hi all, I'm having the credit box show up looking a little funky:

As you can see the margins are weird. Any idea how to target that box with CSS so I can fix the margins?

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I should also add, that often when I right-click, the box shows up hundreds of pixels away from where the cursor is, looks really strange. On the demo where I built the player, the margins are normal and the box hovers right next to the cursor


JW Player Support Agent  
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If the right-click box is showing up correctly on a test page without any other CSS or external stylesheets, then there must be some sort of CSS conflict. Can you send us a link to your test page and the page where you are seeing this error?

sean Conklin

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It's on a development site, so I'd have to send the link privately. Let me know if there'd be a way to do that? Thanks Todd.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, Sean.

You can email the link to and reference case # 68773 in your subject line.

Thank you.

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