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Mp3 playback position wrong after seek in Chrome 43

I have an mp3 created using Audacity (64kbps 44kHz mono) that is 2 hours long (53mb large). I'm self hosting the jwplayer script and the mp3 in a local Apache instance on WIndows 7. When I seek to a position in the file, the jwplayer display shows the correct time position eg 1 min 15 seconds but the audio is playing from 13 seconds behind. If I seek to eg 4 minutes 25 seconds the audio is playing 16 seconds behind the expected position. If I seek around the file, then return to 1:15 it is again playing exactly 13 seconds behind the expected position. I've played the audio file in VLC and audacity and the file is OK and seeking to 1 min 15 works as expected. *If I let the file play without seeking the audio plays fine and is correctly matched to the time display in all browsers*. I only get the seek issue in Chrome 47 but not IE 11 or Firefox 43 (I'm using the http://localhost/ URL to access the page in all browsers). If I seek to a point in the file before the 1 minute mark, the audio is fine, it only appears to go wrong if I seek to a position after the 1 minute mark. When I use a shorter version of the mp3 file (5 minutes 2.5mb) or a 4 minute video clip, a 30 minute video, the issue goes away in Chrome 43. Is this a bug in the way long mp3 files are played back after a seek?

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We saw another user with a similar issue who resolved it by changing the bitrate to 16 instead of having it be variable:


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Thanks a lot for your prompt response. I am already using constant bitrate, shall I change my bitrate from 64kbps constant to 16kbps? I tried to search the forum but I couldn't find the post you mentioned, sorry.


JW Player Support Agent  
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The link to the forum post I was talking about is in my previous post

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