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Android RTMP problem

Hi there!
I'll try to keep it simple. coz i don't know much about streaming and all. I am creating a dummy website (as a TEST) where i am planning to know inspiring videos and all which will be original and some will be third-party from youtube etc. i have account on jwplayer website where i paste link and succesfully get embed link which i then paste on my website (wordpress powered) post and get the videos. I am also able to get rtmp video play on my computer using opera browser. when i check on mobile the the player loads the video for youtube (etc) but is unable to play RTMP video and ends up in error saying "Error loading player: no playable sources found". For computer everything is working but for mobile (android) only RTMP streaming is not working othere than that its ok.
I am using JWplayer7 using direct embed code from my jwplayer account. I have the Files downloaded from JWPlayer website to upoload to my website server but i am unable to find any guide to lnstall the player on my server. Most of the guides ends up in "translation not available for this documnet" error.
Kindly provide help on:
1) uploading and installing jwplayer (js files and etc) files to my server.
2) and help my with RTMP to work on mobile devices mainly android.


P.S. i'm running Android Lollipop. (HTC one m8 = for testing) Used opera, builtin explorer and chrome and firefox on mobile but ends up on same error

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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1) Our player runs in Javascript directly in the viewer’s browser. There is no need to install anything on your server. You can either use a cloud-hosted player link where the player loads from our CDN, or you could potentially self-host the Javascript on your web server. Please see for your player hosting options.

2) RTMP uses Flash, but Flash does not work on mobile devices, so therefore RTMP will not work on Flash. You would need HLS streams in order to stream to iOS and Android. Please see for more details.


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thanks for reply.
So it means rtmp can't be run on mobile devices. But i have seen website running rtmp links via jwplayer-6. and i am using their rtmp link to stream on my website. how i am supposed to do that?
btw is there a tutorial on uploading and configuring the javascript files on my server and then integrate it in my wordpress so that it would work. thanks


JW Player Support Agent  
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RTMP will work with our player on desktop browsers if the user has installed the Flash plugin, but it will not work on mobiles. Please send me a link to a page where this stream is working on mobile devices.

All you need to do to host the player from your server is to upload the .zip from your account dashboard (in the Self-hosted Player section on the main page) and then load the Javascript library as documented at Perhaps your best option for WordPress is to use our new WordPress plugin (make sure you get the one with our logo, as there are a few other versions on WordPress) and then show the widget to display the videos and players from your account dashboard directly in the the Edit Post page of WordPress.

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