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how to protect my stream from other streamer ?

I am using jw player free version and going to upgrade it but before i upgrade my i want to ask can i protect my stream for getting embed by other streamer ? In simple want i just want want that my embed code works only in my site nobody cant find my embed code from my website source code

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JW Player Support Agent  
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If you use our platform to host your videos you can get that functionality. Check out this support article about Token Signing.


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There are ways to do this with your own hosting but it is a little involved. It's not something I could spend time with you to explain because it would take too long. However a tip, is to use Amazon S3 for hosting and block all http referers other than the URL's from your website. Note, this has some drawbacks in regards to certain video formats not working on certain browsers under certain technologies. For example, using MP4 or HLS on Android will not work, yet DASH does work & also Flash sends a different referer than HTML5 does.. all part of the huge investment in time that one needs to go through if one wants to do this reliably.

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