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Mobile player not start

The video is show in ios or android, but when i press play, the video don't start, stay in load mode.

var playerInstance = jwplayer("Clase_getVideoIntro_1");
file: "",
width: "100%",

height: "100%",

title: 'Test',

aspectratio: "16:9",
autostart: false,
controls: true,
displaydescription: false,
displaytitle: false,
flashplayer: "//",
ph: 1,
plugins: {"": {"pixel": ""}},
preload: "none",
primary: "html",
repeat: false,
stagevideo: false,
stretching: "uniform"

link (user and pass jwplayer)

1 Community Answers

Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
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I tried to reproduce your issue but I was not able to. I was able to play your video on my iOS device when I saved your video locally. I did however notice that I was only able to load a byte range request of 39 so I am not certain that the byte range request fully loaded. That might be due to your fire wall or some local issue.

Here is more information from Apple regarding byte-range requests; specifically under the ‘Configure Your Server’ section:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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