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Help adding download button


I am confused about adding a download button to our videos. I maintain a website for a high school were we host videos from various events and sports. I want viewers to be able to download right from the page because parents often want the videos their kids are in. I am very new to all of this and learning as i go. Never worked with JavaScript before so forgive me for the confusions. I am not an IT guy, my background is video production.

Anyway we use Wowza and Jwplayer together and Wordpress for the actually web pages. Right now I link the wowza files to jw and then just grab my embed code and place it in WordPress where I want. Again new to this and the JWplayer plug in for wordpress wasn't doing what i wanted, or maybe I am not doing something right. whatever the case is, I use the short code that jw generates for me, so when reading the article
that explains the download button script I am not sure what to do with that. What do I need to edit and where does it fit in with the embed code?

Here is an example of one of my pages that I would like the videos to be downloadable.

I have found example JS codes and thought I had added my files and everything correctly but nothing seemed to work.
Is there a way to get a generated embed code that includes the download option?
Am I doing something completely backwards?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your quick responds.
I'm sorry to be a pain but I still don't understand where that would get tied into the embed code. I was just messing with it but could not make it work. I think I am replacing all of the right parts to make it use my files and content but not sure where to put it.
Here is the embed code i get for that volley ball video:
<script type="application/javascript" src="//"></script>

Thanks again, I am trying to learn more about JS but its confusing the heck out of me.

Wish you had an option to add a download button when creating the content and embed code. Maybe for JW8?


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Hi Mark,

Here is a demo page I made for you:

Hope this helps,


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Hi Donni,

Thank you for your help, the example page was great. I think i understand what you did. I have been messing with it for about a week now and have another question. How can I make it download a different file? Right now the script that I was able to pull from your example site has it downloading the file that is streaming but since that is a smil file (playlist.m3u8) it isn't giving me the actual video file. Idk if any of that makes sense but what can I change in the script to make it download something like ""?


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I was just reading this thread:

The second answer refers to changing part of the script to a URL to use a different file for the download but when I do that it take the button away completely.

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