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Error playing MP4 on Andoid 5.0.1 Native browser with JW Player, works with HTML 5 video tag

I have a client reporting that some videos are not playing on Android 5.0.1 and Android 4.4.2 native browsers

This link has two video players - one a plain html 5 video tag, one the jw player 7.2.2 player

Client reports that the HTML 5 video player will play the video, the JW player reports 'Error loading meida: File could not be loaded"

What can be the issue if the video plays w/ the video tag?

Thank you!
Erik Hoffmann -Centrics.

View the full HMTL at the URL, here are the players:

<div>1. santa.mp4 - HTML 5 video tag</div>
<video width="400" controls>
<source src="santa.mp4" type="video/mp4">
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

<div>2. santa.mp4 - jW player 7.2.2 Tg+e3Q8CMBPx+J5n9FDp70RxCBpXX/WJn9jQ4Q== /div>
<div id="myElement">Loading the player...</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
file: "santa.mp4",
width: "400px",
aspectratio: "16:9",
type: "mp4"

4 Community Answers


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Having the exact problem as well. Help?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, there.

Your MP4 is playing for me just fine in our player in Chrome on my Moto G (2nd Gen) running Android 5.0.2.

When you say “native browser”, are you referring to Chrome for Android? That is the only browser we support on Android.

Please let me know.


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Yes, the client indicates the error is happening in the default 'internet' application on Android 5.0.1 and Android 4.4.2.

A significant number of older devices use the default internet browser ....

Since only Chrome is listed as supported - does the jw player have any ability to detect it's not on Chrome/Android and fallback to a plain <video> element automatically?

Or would that be something we need to build out ourselves?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, Erik.

Yes, anything like that would have to be written by you.

Please let me know if you need any more help or have any other questions.

Thank you!

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