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Media ID and Embed Code for non jw-hosted players

We just upgraded to JW7 and would like to do two things:

- Allow our videos to be embedded into other sites via the social sharing overlay
- See stats for our content using JWPlayer reporting tools

Our media content is hosted on our CDN so we don't use the JW hosted player method. Therefore our video stats don't show up in the reporting. Basically our media information is stored in our DB while the media file is housed on our CDN. When a person wants to watch something this data is pulled from our DB and used to construct the code to make the player display on our site. From what I'm gathering from the information that I've read regarding the media id, is it true that we would have to upload each one of our videos (we have thousands) into JW so that a proper media id could be generated? Then that media id would have to be retrieved (and for us then stored into our DB) so that it could be used to construct the code for displaying the player? Am I correct that this would be the process for us in this matter?

For creating embed code to be displayed in the social sharing overlay we would have to create unique html pages that house each video? Then include that in the iframe for the embed code? Is this correct?

I don't mean to sound critical at all but this process seems a bit impractical for sites that have a lot of media content and is not using the jw hosted player option. I know that the JWPlayer is widely used ... is there a more practical solution for larger sites?

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Same situation here: all our videos are CDN hosted. I was hoping that the JWPlayer API would allow me to register those videos and receive a Media ID in return. It does say within "How to Apply Media IDs" that one can "Get Media IDs for your content via the API" and that "The /videos/create method supports externally-hosted URLs".


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Are you able to use our API to send those /videos/create calls to our API as documented at and ?


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Yes I did see those pages, unfortunately they were not very clear to follow. But even if they were, is it truly the case that we would have to do this api call for each of our current videos and all future ones in order to see stats?

Also is the embed code functionality dependent upon there being an individual html file in existence for each media file or is there a better way to implement this that I overlooked in the documentation?

Please advise, if this is indeed the case, why the change? It doesn't seem to make things easier unless the videos are hosted on JWP.


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Yes, you would need to get a media ID for each video in order to see the stats in the Analytics section of your account dashboard.

I might not be understanding your second question completely, but you do not need an individual HTML file for each media ID. Rather, you need to include each media ID (using the mediaid: ’’ parameter) along with your video file when you create your player embeds.

The change to use media IDs was made because the old method (using file URLs to aggregate analytics data) was outdated, not as scalable, and not useful at all when token signing in the URLs caused each new video view to use a different video URL.

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