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JW Player cannot handle & and other special characters, unicode characters in file name!

I have a video file "mike & molly.mp4". It is a valid mp4 file and plays fine in windows media, quicktime etc players.

But when I try to play this on a self hosted JW Player 7.2.2, it says "Error loading media: File could not be played"

As soon as I remove the & from file name, it plays in JWPlayer just fine

What is the recommended way to handle this issue for & and other characters?

Please help...

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Which version of the player are you using? I would expect JW Player 7.1 and higher to URL encode any characters in your file URL.

To test this, I just uploaded a video named bunny&trailer.mp4 to my test S3 bucket and the video played correctly. I also changed the name to bunny & trailer.mp4 (with spaces) and the video played correctly for me as well.

If you are still having trouble with JW 7.1+, I am guessing this might be web server-specific or otherwise related to settings on your web server, but that is not my area of expertise.

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