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JWPlayer doesn’t throw error when chunklist is not found (404) / stream stopped / network disconnect

When the streaming is lost in between due to any reasons, the player constantly retries to get the chunklist file, but receives the 404 Error.
Can we get the event handler for this?

Expected : Jwplayer should show error and should fire an event “error”. I am not receiving any events.

Steps to Reproduce : Use HLS Live streaming, and in between keep the player open, and stop the stream broadcaster / Remove the Network connection
We used Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder and Wowza via Cloudfront. Stopped the streaming but kept the Player page open, which showed us no buffering or error message, and video was stuck at a point, even network monitor showed 404 error for chunklist requested constantly.

We dont have crossdomain issue, as stream was working fine until we stopped it.

Any workarounds?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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If you use the following code example does it work for you: playerInstance.on(“idle”,function(){console.log(“Player has stopped!”)});



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I am also experiencing same problem.

JWPlayer freezes when Live Stream Broadcaster stops streaming or Network connection is stopped.
The player never goes into IDLE state (jwplayer().getState() keeps showing PLAYING status)
and playerInstance.on(“idle” is not called.

Now at this point if you click on player, it immediately goes into IDLE status, and after that it correctly gives
playerInstance.on(“idle”,function(){console.log(“Player has stopped!”)}); as well as
playerInstance.on(“error”,function(){console.log(“Player has error!”)}); events


JW Player Support Agent  
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From my tests the player will remain in a “buffering” state when trying to pull down the next stream if there is no playback. In the event that the player experiences some form of error or cannot completely finalize a request. The player would then error out. Thanks for the code example Ridham. I will test this further. What version of the player are you running.


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