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Can't make SRT subtitles work and can't play MKV files (Google Drive)

Hello there,
I am new to all this stuff, and here's what I have done so far. I'll retrace all my steps, and describe them thoroughly, so you can make a perfect evalution of what I am doing wrong (or if there's a way to solve these problems). Before I start, let me say that a) I have no knowledge of what codes to insert, so I copied what I could find. And b) all my contents (videos, subtitles) are on Google Drive. You'll excuse me for being prolix, I can't let any detail out of this explanation.

I feel this is a case where I am not making any mistake, it's just what I want to do can't be done.

What I have done so far (since I couldn't post my whole question here, for exceeding the max length of 5 KB, you can continue reading the rest of this thread in the Pastebin link):

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telescopio2014 N/A

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I tried a new code and only the SRT worked, in PC. The VTT doesn't work either in PC or iOS. And the SRT doesn't show in iOS/Safari.

Here's what I tried this time:

<div id="myElement">Carregando...</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
file: ' OF MY FOLDER/B.mp4',
image: 'URL.png',
tracks: [{
file: ' OF FOLDER/',
label: 'English',
kind: 'captions',
'default': true

I even tried to use the same path of where JWPlayer is installed for both VTT/SRT files.

Now we have one additional problem... Not only other than MP4's can't be played, but SRTs can be displayed in PC, but not in iOS/Safari.

telescopio2014 N/A

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Ok, I did more tests and subtitles are being displayed in iOS, at least in Chrome, if not Safari.

Now I only have this question about Matroska files. Can we play them in any way, or JWPLAYER can only read MP4?


JW Player Support Agent  
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You can take a look here for support file types in JW Player

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