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JW7 HTML5 Kills Bandwidth in Chrome

Testing the JW7 HTML5 player in Chrome produces frightening results.

I loaded the player with a single 15.6MB video that is one-minute in length. When watching the video I'd seek around to see parts I liked or parts that were really cool. Like what typical users do.

That single "viewing" of the video cost me 59.1MB in bandwidth, 3X WHAT IT SHOULD. Why does JWPlayer keep reloading the video? If I use Flash Player I can seek all day and not have this be the case.

Any idea how to stop the player from constantly loading, loading and loading the video over and over again? I can post screenshots if you need them.


3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Ryan,

Could you send me the test page that is having the issue?


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Hey George,

I actually figured it out. Kind of. I cleared my cache before opening test page and it started actually using the cache. I have to check my Chrome settings to see why it is preventing any realtime cache of MP4 files if cache in heavy use.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Cool, let me know if you need anything else. Please send a test page with solid reproduction steps whenever you are ready.

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