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Streaming Issues since 7.2

We seem to have an issue with JW Player 7.2.2 taking a long time - 30 seconds plus to load video and audios.

We have a number of offices around the world and have found the following, testing with JW Player 7.2.2:


Mac OS El Capitan:
Chrome, Version 46.0.2490.86 (64-bit): 30 seconds plus load time on video and audio; seems that when a play button is pressed on either an audio or video player, nothing happens until another play button is pressed on a second audio or video player
Firefox 42.0 and Safari, Version 9.0.1 (11601.2.7.2): no problems

Windows 10.1:
Chrome, Version 46.0.2490.86: 30 seconds plus load time - A number of different hardware platforms
Firefox, 37.0.2: no problems


Mac OS Yosemite:
Chrome, Firefox, Safari: 30 seconds plus load time

Are you aware of any issues? This is pretty important to us. We're using JW Player on all of our websites, and we're particularly concerned because it's having an adverse affect on our membership sites.

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An update to the original post:

We've done some more testing and have found out that we are actually only having these issues above, on one particular page on one of our sites.

This page contains 9 JW Players (a mix of audio and video). When we remove any one of those players, all the rest of the players load just fine. As soon as a 9th player is added, the bahavior described above kicks back in.

We've tested out different videos/audios and the issues do not seem to be related to specific audios or videos, but rather to the fact that there are over 8 players on one page.

We hope you resolve this issue swiftly. We don't want to be restricted in how many players we can have on one page.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, there!

Are you able to send me a link to the page where you have the nine players embedded?

Thank you.

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