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Dear Support
I have read your all articles and posts that user posted to this community but I can't find the answer to my question.
I have read this article:
and also had read this article:
in both articles i can't find the solution to my problem.
Actually i m providing flv and webm two type of files for my desktop viewers. So by default i m loading webm low quality video to viewers and i had implemented my custom HD button for toggling with page refresh to HD video. which is flv format. but how to load this technique with inside the player like u guys doing the HD button or wrench icon for similar files loading. with different pixels. thnx.

NOTE: i know you will ask for my preview page link so i m giving it here: check it now:

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JW Player Support Agent  
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The issue is that you are using two different file types, in that cases we use the second video file as a backup if the first stream cannot play on your browser or device due to software limitations ( No Flash on mobile for example ). So if you want to configure multiple qualities you MUST have the same filetype. Else you will have to call jwplayer().load(); as you are doing now.


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Okey Thank for your reply.
I got your point but if you can you should pass this as a suggestion to your engineering department that this should be avail in next release because on youtube we can see wrench icon with different versions with different file types if you don't believe me then see the youtube video and try to switch from different versions you will see different file types in your internet download manager.

Please give this suggestion for your engineers to look into this. and it will be good for us.


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Sure thing

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