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v7.1: "display:none" to make background appear transparent - no longer works on mobile


until jwplayer v7.0.3, we used what might be considered a hack in order to display the video player with a transparent background instead of the default black:
using css, we added "display:none" to .jw-media whenever the player was in idle, complete or error state.
this worked well on both desktop and mobile.

however, after upgrading to v7.1, this no longer works for us on mobile: clicking the large 'play' button does nothing.
if we remove the "display:none" style from the .jw-media element, the play button functions properly (but the background obviously becomes black).
everything still works the same on desktop.

was this behaviour change intentional?
if not, will it be reverted in upcoming versions?
can displaying a transparent background - before the video starts playing - be achieved in any other way?


3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Could you send me the test page that is having the issue?

xabi141414 N/A

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issue demonstrated here:

works as described on desktop, but on mobile the play button does nothing.
Until 7.0.3 this worked on both desktop and mobile.


JW Player Support Agent  
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You should be able to hide the entire player and create your own play button to trigger playback via API.

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