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Use javascript API to seek without trigger scheduled ads?

Hello JW,

My service tracks where users left off in a video, and I want to seek to that point in the video when they return. I have several ad breaks scheduled throughout the video. Let's say I have an ad break at 60 seconds, and I want to seek to 180 seconds. The ad is triggered, then playback is resumed at 180. I would rather seek to 180 with the ad break left untriggered.

Currently, I am avoiding this by not scheduling ads if adbreak < resumeTime. I would like to schedule all ad breaks, so if a user seeks to the start of a movie, ads will play in their scheduled slot.

Is there a way (javascript API) to seek past an ad break without triggering that ad? Is a fully custom workaround using playAd() my only solution?

Thanks for your help.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Farhad,

This is the expected behavior of our player. When you seek forward you have to watch all the ads on the timeline until that point. I will escalate this to our engineering team as a feature request. The only workaround I have in mind for now is actually calling ads using the on(‘time’,function(){}); callback instead of the advertising block.

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