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Permission Denied when using Upload API


I'm trying out video uploading using the Platform API, and am getting a 403 error code and this response:
code: "PermissionDenied"
message: "Not authorized to make this call"
status: "error"
title: "Permission Denied"

I followed some of the logic in the Python Kit, and am trying to upload this file via an HTML form and Javascript. I am able to call the video/create API and receive an 'OK' response, including an upload URL, key, and token. This call is being done on the server, in Python.

When I try to POST the file to this URL from the browser, using the received key and token, I get the permission denied error. I am using an HTML form, and constructing the upload URL with parameters before submitting it via Javascript.

My upload request looks like this:<RECEIVED_KEY>&token=<RECEIVED_TOKEN>&file_size=196147338

Are any specific HTTP headers required? Am I missing a parameter, or a setting in my account? I have looked at the Python kit upload example and the request that gets generated, and I can't see anything obvious. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with the request, as the API docs are quite sparse on detail.


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Are you doing /videos/create first and getting a valid response?

Please see for more details.


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Yes, I am calling /videos/create first, and getting a valid response.

I tried out the upload API again using a REST Client app in Chrome, and was able to get it to work. It asked for a couple other params that I didn't see documented anywhere, like "file_name" and "file_path", but I got it working. I mimicked the HTTP headers from the form post, and those seem to be OK too.

I am also using multipart/form-data encoding in my HTML form.


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To be clear, I got the call working in the REST Client app only, not in my HTML form post. Maybe there the browser (Chrome) is sending the file in a different way - I'm not sure.


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I solved the problem: the file input actually has to have its name attribute set to "file":
<input type="file" name="file"/>

Though the sample code in this document does this, it is not explicitly listed as a requirement. It would be good to update the documentation to mention this.

Also, the "file_name" and "file_path" params do not appear to be required, despite my earlier comment. When using the REST client, I was getting error messages returned saying that these were required. Not sure why that is.

Requiring a file MD5 hash to upload the file could also pose a problem for older web browsers that do not support the File API.


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We are glad you were able to resolve this.


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