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Cannot load .m3u8

Hello Everyone,

I have licensed JW Player. I have created simple m3u8 file which must be run video file in JW Player. This file work very well in other windows applications. But when I refer this file into file element of JW Player it shows error like "Cannot load M3U8 . 404 not found".

Thank you

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Is that all the info you can give? How can anyone help


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Hello Mark,

My M3U8 File is as follows
D:\USER DATA\Search\C-1345.mp4

And my JS is
file: "/Search/simple.m3u8",
height: 270,
width: 420



JW Player Support Agent  
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Is your computer set up to be a web server? I do not know if hosting the MP4 from your D:\ drive will work on a web site.

And you are not really getting any benefits of HLS streaming if you are only linking to one MP4 that is 5219 seconds long. You should segment that that video into .TS fragments that are 10 seconds each. Please see and for more details.


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The above mentioned files are on my server side. My JS,M3U8 and MP4 files are in same folder in my web server.

My question is that when I use the video file path JW Player work fine. But when I gave the path of m3u8 file which is in same folder gave me error that Cannot load M3U8:404 not found.


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, Amol.

Can you please give me a link to a page where you have the affected player installed? We would need to see the player live to see what is going on. Thanks.

You can not load M3U8

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Try the following basic steps to try to resolve the incident.

Testing on other browsers to see if the same thing happens (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc)
Test incognito
Disable your extensions one by one, maybe some do not recognize may be causing the problem.
Clear your cache and cookies memory (from the beginning of time)
Install the latest version of Chrome.
Spend the Chrome software removal tool.
Finally, try to create a new user profile, maybe yours is damaged.

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