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Still having HLS audio problems

We are still having issues with audio in HLS videos.

To reproduce our issue go to and load this stream: You will hear clipping of audio throughout, but a very obvious example happens between 00:24 – 00:26.

The same video in mp4 format does not have the audio issues,

We originally thought this was an issue with the v6 cloud hosted player so we downloaded the v7 player and tested locally, but had the same clipping results. We then tried a locally hosted v6 player and the audio sounds great with no clipping.

You can view the video in JW Player v6 here: and you will not hear clipping.

We would really like to upgrade our players to v7 but can’t until this issue is resolved.

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Elizabeth,

I noticed you submitted a similar support ticket about 6 months ago before JW 7 was released. I will be escalating this to our engineering team.


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Yes, we did submit a similar ticket. Our last post in that ticket had a typo in it which may have led you to believe that we were no longer hearing the issue, which was not the case. We got busy with other things but now this is once again a priority. Thank you for escalating to your engineering team.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Just to follow up while I’m waiting to hear back, – it was recommended at one point to use ffmpeg to make a new stream – did the issue persist after that?

ffmpeg -i -segment_time 10 -c:v libx264 out.m3u8 && mkdir -p hlsbuild && mv out* hlsbuild


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