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problems with jwplayer in to my website, in this moment is Offline

I'm using DreamW for my website and I'm using jwplayer for reproduce various videos. I'm using the code (scripts) for jw6 but don't work in all navigators and If you use preview of DW you can see the video correctly.
What is my problem? I don't see the problem for the code.

my code is:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/jwplayer/jwplayer.js"></script>

<div id="Myvideos"> Loading the player... </div>
<script type="text/javascript">
//var playerInstance = jwplayer("space1");
flashplayer: "/jwplayer/jwplayer.flash.swf",
file: "/economia/hola.flv",
width: '640',
height: '350',


I downloaded a self-hosted and license key of jw6, not for use PRO.


3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
1 rated :

Your code looks fine, but the FLV video will only work on desktop browsers if the viewer has Flash installed. My suggestion would be to convert this video to MP4 to assure playback on more devices, including mobile.

Can you send a link to the live page for further testing?


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My code is in localhost, not in server online!!

The same code with video (mp4) it looks in DreamW and not if you use viewer (chrome, safari, mozilla-iceweasel and opera). The last version of flash it's installed in my computer and others computers that I tested.

If you want I can spend my structure of code simplicated.

I don't know what to do....

Thank you very much!!!


JW Player Support Agent  
0 rated :

Different browsers behave differently when loading pages hosted locally, so it is not easy to determine the problem here. My suggestion would be to try the video after it is being served up from a real web server.

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