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JW Platform and CORS headers

Some users of our website are inside a corporate network with a watchguard firewall. This firewall evidently strips the Access-Control-Allow-Origin HTTP headers from the requests the JW Platform javascript makes to load its files, and the end user sees an error "Error Loading Playlist" or "Error Loading File".

Some IT admins are reluctant to allow the CORS headers through their firewall due to security concerns.

Is there a way to embed JW Platform - hosted videos on our site and still have them play for these users?

One suggestion was to proxy the ajax requests to the JW Player javascript - instead of pointing to - but I'm unsure if this would work, as the JW Platform javascript then loads XML files from and additional javascript resources from other domains like loads files from multiple domains rather than just the the domain (i.e.

Is there any way to make this work - or are my "behind corporate firewall" customers out of luck?


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JW Player Support Agent  
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My name is Randy and I am from the JW Player Support team. I believe the CORS implementation is something of a standard for web pages/browsers when a content request comes from a different origin. I do not believe it is so much something we can restrict but a browser level restriction: . I will however forward your request over to our Media Services team to ensure I have not missed any steps in this.


Randy Le’Moine, Web Support Engineer, JW Player

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